I have an enthusiastic interest in technology, specifically computers and the world wide web. Gaining an extensive knowledge in building computers and troubleshooting faults along with creating and managing websites. Whilst developing websites I’ve also created my own brands such as Zorf (previously insidepcgaming). Pursuing my interests and building the brand I gained contacts within the video game industry. Developing my interest and knowledge in computing I completed a course at College and another at University towards a degree.Mobile Devices: swipe left to view the remaining information


  • MySQL Databases
  • Plesk, cPanel & 3rd Party Hosting Platforms
  • VPS, Dedicated & Shared Hosting Knowledge
  • Domain Purchasing & Renewal
  • DNS & Domain Forwarding
  • Sub-domains and Matching Email Management
  • FTP File Management
  • Social Media Integration


  • CMS Experience (WordPress & Drupal)
  • HTML, CSS & PHP Coding & Editing
  • Image Editing
  • Plug-in Installation & Updates
  • Menu & Colour Customization
  • Image Slideshows and Gallery’s
  • Video and Image Embedding
  • Maps Integration

Journalism / Media

  • Contact with Developers & Publishers
  • Inclusion onto Press Mailing Lists
  • Invitations to Gaming Events
  • Registrant of PR Companies
  • Affiliate and Advertisement Member

Gaming Project: ZorfGaming.com


  • Custom Build Computer Systems
  • Troubleshoot and Repair Computers
  • Bios Management
  • Extensive Knowledge of Windows Operating Systems
  • Fault Find Computer Hardware Failures

Computing Project: howtocompute.co.uk


Windows Operating Systems | Adobe Creative Suite | Microsoft Office


Previous working background in warehousing from Tesco and Argos large distribution centres to warehouses located on docklands. At every opportunity I learned and utilized various equipment including different variations of forklifts and attachments.


  • UK Driving License
  • Diesel, Gas & Electric Forklifts
  • Counter-Balance, Bendi & Reach Forklifts
  • Clamp & Fork Attachment Forklifts
  • Genie & Wave Lifting Equipment
  • Electric & Manual Pallet Trucks


  • Loading & Unloading Pallets & Products onto  Trailers
  • Unloading Heavy Paper Reels From Containers
  • Loading & Unloading Cars on/from Ships in the Docks
  • Pick & Pack Orders
  • Restock Warehouse with Pallets of Products from/onto Racking Shelves and Floor Locations.


At Cash & Carry outlets I gained an insight into the retail industry not only at my place of work but the local business customers buying products. Whilst at B&Q I was singled out during a team briefing for praise on my flooring and showroom departments. During the night shifts it was my sole-responsibility to have the departments presented appropriately. Repairing broken tile boxes, replenishing stock, replacing shelving labels and deciding on products to promote in prime locations were my duties. I would report to my Showroom manager when the store opens to provide them with updates. It transpires that a B&Q director had visited the store and commented that my department was the best presented and maintained out of all of the stores in the country.


  • Print & Replace Product Shelf Labels
  • Replenish Stock
  • Check & Reduce Prices on Products Expiring
  • Promote Products
  • Help Customers
  • Process Items at Checkout