In Gaming, Strategy by Stephen Bradley-Waters

I picked up in the game where I left off previously a week or so prior. I had managed to gain a foothold in the mainland of England as the Saxon’s sailing from Denmark. In England I had already had successes and failures from battles with the already settled factions Britain and the Western Roman Empire. As Pagans invading a Christian kingdom those successes were still fraught with resistance as the occupied territory often created rebel armies desiring my removal.

All rather exhausting for every move forward there’s a swift move back. Constant cycle of change, take one province and lose the other. In the play-through within the video I consider fighting an expanding army north which isn’t quiet at it’s full capacity. However they move back into their territory and I realize they are better equipped warriors than I have at my disposal so make a swift retreat to safety thus obviating combat on this occasion.


As I consider making peace soon with the surrounding factions I am abruptly reminded that others have different ideas. Britain declared war on me. I tried in vain after to find peace however it is rejected outright. The choice at this point is leave England and concentrate on my province in Denmark, then seek to expand within central or northern Europe. My settlement in England had been divided with a potential uprising in effect soon. Add this to the guarantee of an incursion by Britain to my territory I thought a while whether to fight or just return home.


It became pretty evident that compared to the occupying factions in Britain my army was at a huge disadvantage. Unit upgrades were lacking. I was relying on expensive mercenaries to fill the numbers as I didn’t have the ability to acquire archers or cavalry. To this end I decided to disband a few units from my army to generate extra income on the upcoming turns in the game. Allowing for me to build upgrades in my Denmark province. The problem with upgrading in Britain is that provinces are constantly changing. Spend time and money for another faction to then occupy is folly.


The decision was made to take a small incursion close to the province of Lindum to ascertain the extent of the Britain army presence close to my territory. It becomes apparent that the armies are of a similar size though mine is slightly less in numbers and lacking the diverse units the British army had such as archers, cavalry and siege weapons. If I wait and do nothing then Britain can place two full armies around my province and make it impossible for me to battle. It is either fight now and take a chance on a victory or relocate my army back to Denmark. With this though I would have two armies with not enough resources to manage both. In this situation one would’ve had to be disbanded so the risk of losing them in battle was negligible as I would’ve had to let them go in any event if I were to leave.


Going into the battle I wasn’t confident. My only hope really was to catch them offguard by surprise. Without archers I was at a disadvantage let alone no cavalry. I commanded the entire army to hide within the trees as to remain hidden from the enemy. Rather than move forward and expose my army to an onslaught I waited to see what the enemy was doing regarding the placement of units. It became evident early on that the sides of the settlement weren’t protected strongly as most of the army was placed tightly at the front entrance. Attacking their would’ve seen my army slaughtered.

I moved one unit out of the tress to become visible to the enemy with the hope that they would leave their location and move forward so I can attack by surprise with the full force of my army. Instead missles were launched from distance at my exposed unit. I commanded my army to move to the side of the settlement away from the main amassed army. Upon arrival there was only one unit waiting to block us. The other units were relocating but at varying rates of urgency. This allowed time for my army to wipe out each unit as they arrived. Eventually their general was killed in the ensuing battle. My army was victorious. I felt a huge sense of relief as I hadn’t expected to win the battle at the start. It was a good win which gave me a stronger foothold within England whilst reducing Britain to just one single settlement on the coast.

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