An Uncertain Future

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Currently writing my first novel to fulfill a life goal. Still a work in progress and early in the story.


“2017 was supposed to be Steve and Becky’s year. A series of events culminates in a year never to forget. Conspiracy and happenstance threaten their lives with an uncertain future. Nerves and miss-trust cause friction in an already fragile and volatile situation.

Now it’s a fight to survive. Follow them on their journey to regain control of their lives before it’s too late.”

Early Draft

Chapter One “Survival”

Rubbing the rain from my eyes I questioned myself and the decision I’d made to come. Menacingly dark clouds consumed the day sky. Becky had phoned asking me to come quick. Her voice trembling, clearly scared though for reasons unknown. ‘Meet by the tree’ were the only words muttered. The local fields contain a unique identifiable tree which I can only assume is where she meant. A strange location to meet in the middle of nowhere.

Trudging through the dense overgrown field, I become soaked from the rain above. A figure could be seen in the distance, on the other side of the exposed muddy fields. They appeared disheveled whilst hiding under the canopy of the tree. I assume it’s Becky. Wind gusts prevent me from calling out. My breathe immediately taken away from me with each attempt to speak. Consigned to remain silent with my head down, wading slowly through the remainder of the thick mud.

Though the fields only take a few minutes to traverse on a typical day. Today felt like a battle with the sky casting it’s anger on all below. The fields taking the brunt of that anger and me being the victim as a consequence. Reaching the tree was an accomplishment though my clothes didn’t make it unscathed. For all intense and purposes I looked an absolute mess. This better have been worth it Becky! Was the thought going through my mind.

As the figure came into view it was indeed Becky. She wasn’t behaving like her usual adorable self. Becky’s frantic. Talking muddled and nonsense. Something about being watched, they know, they’re coming. None of this meant anything to me. I responded “who? Who’s coming?” panicked, Becky spoke softly “I shouldn’t have been so stupid. I need your help Steve.”

Chapter Two “Flashback”

Becky Jones arrives in Paris, France with Stephen Hardy to celebrate the new year for 2017. Throughout their relationship they’ve contended with many ups and downs. She’s cute and adorable though rather neurotic whilst Steve is independent and caring but has a stubborn streak. Becky’s neuroses and Steve’s stubbornness conflict on multiple occasions resulting in explosive breaks in their relationship. A change of scenery in the most romantic city in the world is anticipated to be the catalyst that cements their futures together.