A Father’s Daughter

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A father battles against lies and false claims of abuse to seek justice and get his daughter home. She had been abducted by the mother of his child without any prior warning or indication. Everything had appeared fine. Going to school though never to return. Their world was torn apart. Much soul searching, torment and personal sacrifice endured to reach a final conclusion. He does everything to repair the damage and get her home to make her dreams come true.

Many obstacles and interference cause instability in an already delicate situation. A complicated set of circumstances requires sensitivity by the legal system. The father desires urgency whilst the mother prolongs and delays the suffering endured of a father and daughter.


Finally arriving home after the drive south from the windy north-west was a huge relief. The journey had been long and exhausting. More than 200 miles of treacherous dimly-lit roads. The dark night sky consumed everything in it’s wake. Visibility reduced to just the car lights in front. Every now and then a speeding car would over-take in the outside lane. Providing some respite from the darkness with a sudden glimmer of light. Disappearing just as fast as it came. With so many thoughts racing through my mind the drive was a grind. The road just went on and on with no end in sight. My mind was consumed in deep thought. Dissecting everything that had happened earlier that day.

With the flick of a switch the headlights powered off. A journey complete. Arriving alone didn’t feel right. Something was missing. Walking along the path to my home was a lonely and isolating experience. Entering the house didn’t feel any better. An empty kids bedroom was ominously missing a child. A room waiting and wanting company. Toys ready to be played with. TV ready to show a movie. Everything ready to be used. Today I feel just as empty as the room itself. All hope faded away. This wasn’t the welcome home I had expected. It was a day to forget.

It had taken 18 months to get to this moment. A shocking amount of time considering the urgency of the situation. I have much to understand and comprehend. A lot has happened with no time to really take it all in. This book is a documentation of everything that transpired.


Anticipated release: Spring 2019

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