Document Header & Footer MS Word

In Computing, MS Word, Software by Stephen Bradley-Waters

The header and footer in a document are great for providing coninuity and organisation throughout document pages. More evident once the document has been printed. An easy oversight by many but very useful and worthwhile implementing.

Step 1 – Create/Open Document

Create a new document or open an existing document

Step 2 – Open Editor

Open the header & footer editor

Quickest solution:

Double click at the ‘top’ of the page to edit the header and/or double click the ‘bottom’ of the page to edit the footer.

Alternative solution:

Select ‘Insert’ from the menu options. Locate the ‘Header & Footer’ box. Click either the ‘header’ or ‘footer’ depending on user requirement.

The header and footer automatically repeats onto new pages.

Step 3 – Text Edit

Type text into the footer or header. After finishing double click on the page below the header area, above the footer area or click the red close box located on the toolbar.

Step 4 – Page Numbering

Page numbering can be implemented in either the header or footer with a variety of styling options.

  1. Access the ‘Header & Footer’ Editor via either method from Step 2.
  2. Select ‘Page Number’ from the toolbar. Choose from the options where the numbering will be placed within the document.

Choose the desired styling option from the drop down list.


The pages now have a header and footer implemented throughout the document