Create a Book With MS Word

In Computing, MS Word, Software by Stephen Bradley-Waters

MS Word is useful for authors requiring printing features not found in the software they use as well as MS Word users. Personally I use ‘Nimble Writer for my projects and export to PDF for digital formatting. Physical printing requires an export to .docx file to open in MS Word to print a book.

Without further ado lets get MS Word setup for book printing. Create a new document or import a saved/external document. 

Step 1

Navigate the menu bar to ‘Layout’.

Step 2

Click the ‘arrow’ mark in the bottom right hand corner of the ‘Page Setup’ box.

Step 3

Open the drop-down menu from the ‘Pages’ section. Select ‘Book Fold’.

Step 4 (Optional)

Whilst the Page Setup box is open there’s an optional task of creating a border to go around the pages. Navigate to the ‘Layout’ tab.

Click the ‘Borders’ box to the bottom of the ‘Page Setup’ window.

Step 5 (Optional)

Select ‘Box’. This will create a complete border around the pages. Further customization is available within this section including; colour, border thickness, width and shadows.

Press ‘OK’ when finished.

Step 6

Navigate to to the menu selecting ‘File’ and then click ‘Print’

Step 7

Within ‘Settings’ click the drop down menu which usually is default set to ‘Print One Sided’. Change this to ‘Print on Both Sides – Flip pages on short edge’. This ensures whilst printing on the other side of pages the orientation is the correct way up. 

If the printer being used doesn’t have automatic printing on both sides then ‘Manually Print on Both Sides’ will be required for printing.