Proud father and creator of various websites including Zorf Gaming. Working background in warehouse and retail. Skilled creating websites, building and repairing computer systems and software/bios troubleshooting. I enjoy challenging myself mentally to be creative and learn/enhance skills. Constantly evolving and improving.

Thrive on being challenged intellectually. Basic tasks and repetition tends to disinterest me. Working in retail and warehouses I found to be very easy. Building, upgrading and repairing computers is second nature to me which became too simple and not enough of a challenge. Whilst studying towards a BSc Computing degree with The Open University I found the path I was on wasn’t stimulating my mind. Networking is tedious and not something I wanted to continue pursuing.

Web-Design peaked my interest as it requires creativity and managing many assets with a requirement to constantly learn. Since I became interested in web-design I have improved significantly thus creating my own websites and projects. Managing DNS settings, domains, email, hosting, ftp files, databases, whilst learning a variety of coding languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP. I’m able to implement and customize websites to the puropse required. There is room for improvement within my skill-set which excites me and drives me to keep learning.

I also enjoy writing to which I am currently working on three projects, a thriller novel, childrens story and memoir. Photography and cooking/baking also really interest me. Anything which requires research and own input to improve results has me engaged and onboard. I have a constant drive for success in everything I do.

I learned a new skill from each job I had within warehousing. I’m trained to operate most forklifts, electric, gas, diesel from reach and bendi to counterbalance along with various attachments. I enjoy learning and enhancing my existing skills. Multi-talented across a variety of job sectors. If I don’t know how to do something it won’t take me long to learn how do it. I have a curious mind which leads to many exciting possibilities.

I have supported local businesses in the past creating their websites and for family members. Photography and cooking also interest me along with sports and comedy.

Currently working on two writing projects; a fantasy novel and a memoir. Both inspired by and for my beautiful daughter.