Proud father and creator of various websites including Zorf Gaming. Working background in warehouse and retail. Skilled creating websites, building and repairing computer systems and software/bios troubleshooting. I enjoy challenging myself mentally to be creative and learn/enhance skills. Constantly evolving and improving.

Thrive on being challenged intellectually. Basic tasks and repetition tends to disinterest me. Working in retail and warehouses I found to be very easy. Building, upgrading and repairing computers is second nature to me which became too simple and not enough of a challenge. Whilst studying towards a BSc Computing degree with The Open University I found the path I was on wasn’t stimulating my mind. Networking is tedious and not something I wanted to continue pursuing.

Strong on my own, I don’t need validation in my life from people. I’m proud of myself and the values I hold onto and live by. Also a random goofball who doesn’t mind acting aloof in front of others. Following the norm is rather boring. It’s good to be different. Expression is important. To be content with one-self and like the person you are is the most important aspect of anyone’s life.

Web-Design peaked my interest as it requires creativity and managing many assets with a requirement to constantly learn. Since I became interested in web-design I have improved significantly thus creating my own websites and projects. Managing DNS settings, domains, email, hosting, ftp files, databases, whilst learning a variety of coding languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP. I’m able to implement and customize websites to the puropse required. There is room for improvement within my skill-set which excites me and drives me to keep learning.

I also enjoy writing to which I am currently working on three projects, a thriller novel, childrens story and memoir. Photography and cooking/baking also really interest me. Anything which requires research and own input to improve results has me engaged and onboard. I have a constant drive for success in everything I do.

I learned a new skill from each job I had within warehousing. I’m trained to operate most forklifts, electric, gas, diesel from reach and bendi to counterbalance along with various attachments. I enjoy learning and enhancing my existing skills. Multi-talented across a variety of job sectors. If I don’t know how to do something it won’t take me long to learn how do it. I have a curious mind which leads to many exciting possibilities.

I have supported local businesses in the past creating their websites and for family members. Photography and cooking also interest me along with sports and comedy.

Currently working on two writing projects; a fantasy novel and a memoir. Both inspired by and for my beautiful daughter.

My Morals & Personality

I’m a typical ‘Aquarius’; Independent, mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric.

Strong on my own, I don’t need validation in my life from people. I’m proud of myself and the values I hold onto and live by. Also a random goofball who doesn’t mind acting aloof in front of others. Following the norm is rather boring. It’s good to be different. Expression is important. To be content with one-self and like the person you are is the most important aspect of anyone’s life. Without that sense of personal pride life will only be harder than it already is. In reality life is only as hard as people make it. Everything can be simplified and a lot less stressful.

Don’t spend time worrying about things outside of your control

If there’s nothing that can be done in this regard then worrying is only wasting energy which can be better spent on positive projects. Save your energy and prepare for an action of which you do have control.

No regrets

Living with regrets is the biggest burden in anyone’s life. Regrets can haunt people. Make the most of now and deal with the situation so you can be free in the knowledge that you did all you could. Life has a way of providing regrets. Combined with the value above, if you did all you could and life didn’t deal the hand you wanted. Move on knowing you did your best. This regret will pass and become an experience to make you stronger.

People’s Opinions

It’s useful and often positive for personal growth to absorb other people’s opinions on various subjects. Your own opinion is important and in your own life the most defining. Don’t allow other people to dictate your life. We only get one shot at living the life we dream for ourselves. This is not usually the same dream others share as we are all unique.


Some people place a higher purpose on money, career, travel ect. For me it’s family. The others are a nice bonus however that won’t define me or discourage from the value I place of family in my life! Allow for others to live the life by the values they hold dear but don’t let that change your own values.

Another major part of the Aquarian makeup is a scientific and curious mind. Aquarians will often try to figure out how things work. They have detailed and specific minds that lend well to computer or technical work. They are also the type of people who can pick up a new gadget and figure out how it works in a few seconds.


Treat people how you would like to be treated. This may seem obvious however it’s much more instinctive to feel inclined to follow ‘An eye for an eye’. Effectively get revenge on those that have caused distress and harm. That behaviour doesn’t change the world. It just cements the cycle of negativity. Why repeat the same negative action? Be the bigger person and help change the world. Of course no-one is perfect and there are times where speaking your own mind in response to an injustice is important. The best revenge in life is; live well.

Be You

Don’t allow other people to change who you are. As we get older our interests change with maturity. In relationships there is a level of give and take. After all no two people are exactly alike. However don’t change all of your interests for someone else. If they aren’t content with the person you are then they aren’t deserving of you.


I’m very strong mentally. I don’t allow other people to control me or make me feel negative about myself. In those instances I would question who they are to feel they are so much more important than me as for their opinion to be more significant than mine. I would also be mindful that this is not someone I need to spend anymore time listening to. Life is what you make of it.

I prefer to spend mine being whimsical and random with goofball moments whilst being creative with projects and constantly learning and evolving to be a better me for tomorrow.

Most important though above all is to be the best father I can be to my daughter and empower her to be whoever she wants to be. My significant value in life is family. If she came to me and said she wants to pursue any of the others, be-it career, travelling ect. I would back her 100%. She is every bit better than me. The biggest accomplishment I will ever have in my life.

– Stephen Bradley-Waters

Astrology Match

Aquarius is also a caring sign. Aquarians will often put their friends and family at the forefront. A huge believer in the ideals of society, Aquarius will promote the optimization of the human condition as much as possible. Aquarians can be utilitarian and want everyone around them to be happy. However, all their cerebral nature can sometimes come across as negative, and they can appear a bit detached from their loved ones.

Characteristics of Aquarius include:

  • Wit
  • Interest in debate
  • Loyalty
  • Nonconformity
  • Intelligence
  • Honesty
  • Unconventionality

Aquarians can also be stubborn. So stubborn, in fact, that you may think the Aquarius you know is the most stubborn person in your life!

My daughters star-sign is the perfect match for mine. We are kindred spirits.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Aquarians are very reserved. They don’t require much maintenance or attention in order to stay satisfied.

The Aquarius is highlighted by his or her low-key temperament. At the same time, this aspect of the Aquarius’ personality can be one of his or her downfalls, as it can become laziness when the Aquarius goes uninspired for too long.

Best friend: Taurus

Because Aquarians are so carefree, they’ll likely enjoy the company of Taurean people, who, despite their stubborn ways, are softhearted friends.