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System Specs

Operating System

Windows 10 64Bit Pro


MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Intel Core i7 4790K @4GHZ


16GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3


Asus StriX GTX 1070 8GB


SSD: Samsung EVO 840 250GB
HDD: Western Digital 2TB


You've taken the time to find me. It's only fair I share a little about myself, so here it goes....


Born and raised in a corner of England by the seaside town of Southend-on-sea in the county of Essex. I've been a gamer since lord knows when, introduced to it from an early age with the old Atari, Amstrad computers. Enjoyed pretty much all the consoles known to man (apart from the Wii, too gimcky for my liking). Been a PC gamer since before the dawn of the internet. I was there when multipayer gaming first started and my oh my how revolutionary it has become! Proud owner of the iPod Classic. So heartbroken when Apple announced it's to become extinct I went to the shop and bought a brand new one so I don't miss out.

I have an amazing family consisting of two daughters and various pets. Aside from my obvious passion for gaming i'm an avid amateur photographer, enjoying the outdoors to capture photos of interest. My main focus and enjoyment lies in landscapes and scenary. Rarely capture images of people etc. unless it's family. Have a fondness for cooking/baking though I tend to enjoy it less with the washing up and clearing of the ensuing mess.
All in all i'm a gaming, family man with a fondness for technology and other hobbies and interests which require some level of creativity with scope for learning to achieve better results.

Personal Info

  •   Southend-on-sea, Essex, England

Me, Myself and I

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