Emotional Singing “Fathers & Daughters”


Over 2 months ago my daughter was abducted by someone I had loved and trusted. We are inseparable. She means more to me than anything in this world. If she needed it I would give her my heart without question. I’ve been made to miss her birthday and fathers day with not so much as a call or any contact. Every day I fight to bring her home. I will fight for my daughter every day until I die. She’s amazing, adorbale and so compassionate. Better in so many ways than anyone I know and she needs me now more than ever to fight for her. I won’t fail her.

Sunny Selfie


Fun Countryside Walk


What started out with the intention to go for a jog with my nephew David turned into a long tracked walk covering Rochford to Rayleigh through beautiful fields and woodland on a hot sunny day.

Flippy Floppy


As well as the memoir, I’m also working on writing a story to read to my daughter. The intention is to inspire her to also be creative and use her imagination to make stories of her own. The direction of the story will change into a fantasy to excite and explore various ideas.

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“Jessie awoke from the roaring sounds of a thunderstorm. Trees swaying in the wind with branches bashing against the window frames. She was startled and afraid, more than anything she wanted to call out to her mother though she knew not to bother her during the night as she craved her beauty sleep. Hiding under the blanket with one eye peeping out seemed the most courageous choice in this moment. As the thunder violently roared overhead she threw the blanket completely over her. Now she couldn’t see anything. Complete darkness consumed her with hearing senses heightened to make up for the lack of visibility. Astonishingly, tiny footsteps can be heard scurrying across the floor. Fearful to speak, Jessie positioned her ears as close to the blanket as possible. Scratching can now be heard from the direction of her wardrobe.

Filled with intrigue, though still concerned about the storm, Jessie found the courage to peak one eye out again to see if she can locate the source of the scurrying and scratching. Initially nothing caught her line of sight but then to her amazement a mouse could be seen sitting by the bedroom door. “What on earth?”, “What’s a mouse doing in here?”. The storm though continuing to boom and bash outside was now out of Jessie’s mind. All of her focus was on this tiny mouse. Pulling her blanket off of her head she was now at her most exposed since hiding. She placed a foot on the floor. The mouse didn’t react or move. So now both feet were on the floor and Jessie had pulled herself up out of bed. With no previous interaction with rodents or small creatures she was hesitant to approach any closer. This hesitation gave way to intrigue. After all she had never seen a mouse before let alone in her bedroom. Taking a couple of steps forward she was surprised to find the mouse wasn’t scared or making an escape, instead it just stay sat by the door looking at her with as much curiosity as Jessie was showing to it.

Oddly there was an instant respect from the two unlikely acquaintances. Dressed in her pyjamas Jessie sat by the mouse whilst placing her back against the cold wall near the bedroom door. “where did you come from?” Jessie said in a calm intrigued manner. “I don’t know how you got in here”. With no response from the mouse Jessie decided to open the door to see what it wanted to do and where it wanted to go. As always the hall light was kept on during the night to put Jessie’s mind at ease if she awakes during the night. The mouse cautiously walked out of the bedroom along the hall whilst hugging the railings. Reaching the stairwell it looked back towards Jessie. Gesturing for her to follow with a look at her and a look back at the stairs.

Jessie didn’t want to lose the mouse she had just met and have no answers to her curiosity so she stepped out of her bedroom and headed to the top of the stairs. By now the mouse had made his way down the stairs into the living room. Downstairs was eerily dark only being lit up by the bright flashes of the thunderstorm.”